Drámaí an Phiarsaigh Patrick Pearse Collected Plays

Rich resource for scholars, teachers, students, theatre practitioners
and general readers providing full scripts of Pearse’s plays in
English and Irish
 Includes Pearse’s essays on the subject of theatre and its role in the
cultural work of Irish nationalism, and the Easter Rising
 Provides access to Patrick Pearse the man, before he became
‘Patrick Pearse’ the icon.
This first complete edition of Patrick Pearse’s extant plays (in English and Irish)
also includes his most significant writings about the nature of theatre in early
20th century Ireland. These plays were highlights of the Cultural Revival and
drew a who’s who of literary and political figures to productions in St Enda’s,
the Abbey Theatre and Jones Road (Croke Park) in the years preceding the 1916
Easter Rising. Each work is annotated and illustrated with contemporary
photographs, and placed in its historical, social and political contexts.
The editors make Pearse’s plays readily available to those wishing to stage
productions and also provide a complete reference source for those who seek a
better understanding one of the iconic figures of the Easter Rising. The
annotated plays and commentary provide fascinating insights into the cultural,
imaginative, and intellectual life and times of a man who helped shape one of
the defining moments in Irish history.

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  • Meá postas: 0.8KGs
  • Fhoilsitheoir: Irish Academic Press
  • Udar: Róisín Ní Ghairbhí & Eugene McNulty
  • ISBN 10: 9780716531661
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