Slanguage - A Dictionary of Irish Slang (3rd Edition)

'Slanguage' is an exceptional book of reference. It is a guide to the unofficial language of the 32 counties of Ireland, the language of the streets and pubs, but also of much of Irish literature from Swift to Roddy Doyle. It is the dictionary that lists and explains the words and phrases that Irish people actually use. Each entry is explained in normal dictionary style and the origin of each word or phrase is identified where possible. Subtleties of colloquial usage are illustrated by wide-ranging examples from many recorded sources. Whether you are a decent skin or a crawthumper, a horse-protestant, a hard chaw or a strong farmer, this book is for you. 'Slanguage' is full of fun, information, devilment and crack. It is also a unique piece of scholarship that captures and celebrates the vigorous and inventive world of Irish popular speech.

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  • Fhoilsitheoir: Gill and MacMillan
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