A Dictionary of Hiberno English

Drawing on the resources of a recently-established Hiberno-English website hosted by UCD, this new edition of A Dictionary of Hiberno-English has been extensively revised and updated

From the reviews of the first edition:

The Guardian Tom Paulin ‘Terry Dolan’s A Dictionary of Hiberno-English . . . is a pioneering work of scholarship which ascertains the nature of English as it is spoken and written in Ireland. I see it as one of the foundation stones of a new civic culture in the island.’

Irish News Owen Kelly ‘. . . Professor Dolan’s excellent dictionary, where you find such gems as “hallion” and “at the heel of the hunt” sitting comfortably with the Irish and English origins of much of our speech, is a significant contribution.’

Author Biography
Terence Patrick Dolan is associate professor in English in University College Dublin. A well-known broadcaster and guest lecturer, he travels extensively and is regarded as the pre-eminent academic authority on Hiberno-English.

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