Kiss My... Pog Mo Thóin - Dictionary of English-Irish Slang

The first dictionary of its kind in the Irish language. Irish publications have always been reluctant to explore the more raunchy vocabulary of the Irish language, but this little book fearlessly breaks that taboo.

Garry Bannister's small but perfectly formed dictionary holds many old native words, along with numerous modernisms that cover quite a wide range of contemporary colloquialisms. One of those out-of-the-ordinary publications, Kiss My... is a must for all those who are interested in knowing how the language is spoken beyond the walls of the school classroom.

"Hilariously creative, astonishingly risqué - a page turner." - Terry Dolan

"Garry Bannister has a sharp ear that makes you wonder where he spends most of his time." - Alan Titley

Chur sa tralaí:

  • Meá postas: 0.2KGs
  • Fhoilsitheoir: New Island
  • Udar: Garry Bannister
  • ISBN 10: 978-1-84840-014-6
  • ISBN 13: