Essential Irish

This is a book to help those who want to acquire basic speaking skills in Gaelic. The first part of the book introduces everyday situations such as: introductions, enquiring about people and their activities, asking questions about directions, places, situations and making simple requests of every kind. Areas such as : Birthdays, school activities, likes and dislikes, arranging to meet people, counting, telling the time, shopping, expressing congratulations, condolences, farewells etc. aim to equip the learner with all primary speech skills. The second half of the book is devoted to a brief practical grammar.

Chur sa tralaí:

  • Meá postas: 0.2KGs
  • Fhoilsitheoir: ForSai
  • Udar: G. Bannister
  • ISBN 10: 0
  • ISBN 13: 0


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